Our colleagues at Syngenta have a wonderful initiative that is a great way to scale up your bee & butterfly planting. Works really well when combined with Monarchs In The Rough!


“Operation Pollinator provides golf course managers the tools and information needed to successfully establish and manage attractive wildflower resources crucial to pollinators. It also enhances the visual appearance of the course and overall playing experience. Golf courses around the country are well-suited to establish and preserve pollinator habitats.


Syngenta is working with golf course operators around the country, including Marriott Golf, establishing Operation Pollinator plots on U.S. courses. The program helps advance sustainable golf course management, while improving and enhancing the natural habitat for pollinators. It introduces specially selected wildflowers to attract bees and other pollinating insects to out-of-play areas. By the end of 2015, more than 200 U.S. courses across 28 states have established Operation Pollinator sites.”