Thank you so much for signing up for Monarchs in the Rough with AI and EDF! We are thrilled you decided to take action to help save the monarch butterfly. By growing milkweed to support the monarch’s breeding and migration patterns, you and your club are taking action to stand up for monarch butterflies before it’s too late. Below you will find a list of resources and direction on all the different ways to activate the campaign.

Plant Your Milkweed

Monarchs in the rough Milkweed

Milkweed Seed

Please see the resource guide or contact us for information on where to get milkweed seed and how to plant it. Please reach out with any questions!

Monarchs in the rough Resource Guide

Resource Guide

Download and use this guide as you plan, plant, and manage your habitat project!

Monarchs in the rough Educational Signage

Educational Signage

The signage is to be placed next to milkweed on your golf course to educate members. Order your signage from the link below!


Educate Your Community

Monarchs in the rough Posters


Your posters can be accessed through the links below! Please print your poster, preferably on a heavier sheet of paper. Place your poster somewhere where your members can easily read it to raise awareness about your efforts.

8.5 x 11 11 x 17

Email Content

Here you can access a pre-made .html email with language and graphic assets. Use it to educate your members about your participation in Monarchs in the Rough via email.


Use Social Media To Engage

Here you can download language and a graphic to use on your social media pages. To connect with other courses and show off the work you are doing, share this asset and any other photos with the hashtag #MonarchsInTheRough


Grow The Program

Monarchs in the rough Phone

Call Or Tweet Other

Let’s make this big! Share with 3 to 5 friends!

Monarchs in the rough Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet

Download and share this fact sheet with other superintendents. This is primarily a recruitment piece to pass along to other interested golf courses or community members.